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Artistry and technology combined like never before.

Our state-of-the-art eight color giclée process produces stunning detail with billions of colors, natural gradations, tints and hues rivaled only by nature herself. All items are professionally printed on the finest museum/gallery quality Exhibition Fiber or Premium Satin Luster mediums.

These renderings will surely provide an expressive complement for any home or place of business.


From the artist:

I can't say how pleased I am to offer these works to you. Each piece is quite literally a lifetime in the making. From the time while in the sixth grade my artwork placed first in a state-wide (Kansas) youth art competition, to my years of technical and book cover illustration work for Addison Wesley, McGraw Hill and others, I have never before been so elated to exhibit and share my work with you.

My pen and brush have long since lived inside my computer, which is now connected to a continuously running "render farm." For many years I have employed tools that are principally designed for the creation of backdrops and scenery for the cinema. I use these same tools exclusively to develop high detail "stills" -- artwork that is destined for print. But the technology that I use has never been of primary importance.

It is the STORY captured by the art that is most important to me, aside from the mechanics of art production, and even beyond the sense of color harmony, space and composition. I delve into the execution of every project in much the same way a novelist begins to write; starting with an initial concept, then following the characters through the story to a natural conclusion. During this process the story can unfold in ways which are unexpected, even to the writer. Creation always resides in the moment! As for my own work, it is this "following" during the development process that endows my art with a captivating quality, or at least this is my highest hope when creating my own art. In this artist's humble opinion, it is this receptive and fluid approach that transforms a mere illustration into an artistic masterpiece. When a work takes on this "life of its own," I believe it is almost certain to inspire, delight and entertain for many years to come.
Please explore my web site and enjoy the show. You are heartily invited to post comments on the various pages, use the contact form, and/or just send an ole fashioned email. I'm almost always in the studio, and I always enjoy a good conversation.

-- Joseph Maas, Middletown California


Uniquely Yours


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